with SAP BW & HANA

The earlier you test, the lower the cost of troubleshooting and fixes. The savings are enormous, because the later you correct errors, the costs increase exponentially. Thus, it makes a difference whether you find a mistake in production that has already caused a business impact, analyze it on mass data and then fix it in the development system, before you test it and release it again. Or whether you would have identified this error as an incorrect requirements right at the beginning of the project fixing only the definition then. Moving the efforts towards very early validation & testing into the first phases of the implementation project is called Shift-Left . So how does it work with SAP BW & HANA?

Shift-Left advantages
Shift-Left advantages and the requirement of unit testing, Source: NIST

If you want to test early and efficiently, you need to do unit / component testing. In case of SAP BW & HANA, our xGile tests enables you to do this without coding using a simple and graphical UI. The creation of automatic unit tests is so easy that it can be done together with the department. These tests then automatically validate the requirements of the business user or product owner. The approval is completely automated.

“Automatic xGile tests are automated approvals.”

xGile Testing

Since the definition and testing of requirements is done right at the beginning of the project, any inaccuracies and vague requirement definitions will become immediately visible which could later lead to errors in production.

The step to the left is possible for SAP BW & HANA users at any time and does not require any technical knowledge or training. You will get all the cost advantages of early testing immediately.