Test Automation
with xGile

0% Coding, 0% Test Data Management, 100% Speed

The Aim.

Comprehensive test automation for SAP BW & HANA.

The aim

Can be checked via the test portal:

BEx Queries

BW Transformations

CDS Views


Table Functions

Calculation Views

Graphical / Scripted


No Test Data Management.

Each test case is provided with the necessary test data of its source data provider (composite provider, ADSO, table, etc.). This reduces the test data to just a handful of records. Test data are inseparably linked to the test case. Incidentally, this also means that a query can be developed right at the beginning without the need of any data to be contained in the provider.

Running on minimal test data makes component testing the fastest automatic test approach. Any automatic test of a query on just a few records is the fastest possible form of validating query logic sustainable.

Due to the minimum necessary test data, error situations can be precisely adjusted. For investigations in the debugger, it is easier to identify causes of errors on just the minimal required data set for this particular case than on the system's mass data. The xGile visual execution graph for HANA objects shows you which paths the data went and where it stopped.

Exoriens xGile Test Case

xGile demo.

This example shows you how easy it is to create automatic regression tests for every requirement.

6 additional unbeatable benefits with xGile.

No programming required

Test cases are created via an uniform graphical interface. No technical knowledge is required to create xGile component tests.

Faster development cycles

All tests can already be performed on the development system. There is no need anymore to transport to the quality / test system to validate the logic.

100% Regression tests

Unit tests are always executed isolated from the system state or its data.
Therefore, all tests can always be repeated and executed as often as necessary. Real regression tests.

An executable documentation

Test cases are the best type of documentation for your objects. They are executable and always up to date.Hand-overs are no risk anymore.

100% Test coverage

Components deliver the required details level to ensure that no test case duplicates exist and 100% test coverage is achieved.


All test cases can be executed independently of the system state and provider data. This makes them much more stable than any End 2 End test.

Proof Of Concept

Convince yourself and your Team within a free PoC.
xGile is installed on the development system via transports and is ready to use within in a few minutes. Based on your examples our Test Experts will introduce you into the work process and the basics of a good test design. There are no obligations or any charge. We are looking forward to demonstrate you the benefits.

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User feedback.

“Finally, this is the first time that the numbers are identical to SAP FI!”

Annika T.
Senior BI Expert

“Communication with the department has improved considerably thanks to the xGile tests. One speaks a uniform language and the business trusts the tests and final quality. Shadow testing at the department has now stopped.”

Markus L.
Team Lead BI

“What impressed me most was that once found mistakes can no longer occur.”

Susan P.
Business / PO

A safety net for your SAP BW/4HANA value chain.

Logic changes are perfectly secured by xGile component tests. Change requests or hotfixes can be delivered immediately, with the highest quality.

We are pleased to offer you a pillow on which you can sleep well.