Full Stack Unit Testing

You have to test your SAP BW and HANA developments efficiently in an agile project, but you have no tools that support you. Despite the high manual testing effort, you can never make a statement about the reports correctness. With our automatic BEx query, BW transformation and HANA unit tests, you receive a comprehensive and automatic validation of all requirements in seconds and without programming! - You think that is not possible ? Convince yourself:


No "ship it, it compiles" anymore!

You want away from the "ship it, it compiles" way of working , but you have no tools to use developer tests efficiently? The existing unit test libraries are not sufficient and require a lot of coding and maintenance efforts. Probably your are just one of the few in the team who have the skill set and interest to improve. And even if it would work for you, the department would not be able to understand and accept the test result anyway.

Your goal is to deliver every Sprint reports in consistently high quality . Unfortunately, you miss an environment that allows to run developer / unit tests for all SAP BW & HANA objects in such a way that the department understands and accepts them. The permanent transport to the Q-system for tests slows everything down even more .

You know that if you do nothing, you will continue to deliver faulty reports that have not been tested to the department and sleep poorly , because at any time a production error could be noticed which you have to analyze and to fix in a stressful situation.


We understand you.

As long-time developers in SAP BW & HANA projects, we know what is missing and have built it for you. A development environment that allows sustainable Unit Testing for all important SAP BW and HANA objects.

Your mission.

A comprehensive & sustainable test automation for SAP BW & HANA

Your Mission

7 things you will need.

  • Code-Less > Everyone can test > Organisational roll-out possible
  • NO “Test Data Management” required
  • Independent from systems state or data > Stable tests
  • Regression tests by Default
  • Lightning fast (the fastest test approach)
  • 100% test coverage for functional tests within the LSA++ architecture
  • Everyone can test in parallel to others > Efficient and often done

We have combined everything in

Unit testing full stack without programming

xGile makes it possible to create automatic unit tests in seconds using a standardized Web UI without technical knowledge and without programming. Whether you create unit tests for BEx queries, BW transformations or HANA calculation views is abstracted to you by xGile. This means that already a 100% test coverage can be achieved in the development system during development.

No finger pointing anymore

For even more successful testing, the department must be actively involved in the testing. The xGile test portal makes it possible to speak a common language. As a result, requirements are comprehensively and immediately recorded as automatic unit tests and optimized using test design methods. The department can understand the approach, carry out the tests themselves via the Test Portal and most importantly, they will trust the results. Incorrect or incomplete requirements become visible. Together you can achieve the highest level of quality.

Scrum & DevOps Ready

xGile tests are fully automatic regression tests that are carried out in isolation from the system status and from all the data of the underlying data providers. This automatically fulfills the basic requirement of agile working that unit testing defines as a prerequisite. Delivering SAP BW and HANA developments quickly and with the highest quality has never been so easy.

xGile demo.

This example shows you how easy it is to create automatic regression tests for every requirement.

Enable the business user for higher quality. faster development. less risk.

Achieve the best test coverage together with the department, quickly and agilely validate new requirements and achieve the highest possible level of quality. Finger pointing for problems in production is a thing of the past.

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Work Process with xGile

Proof Of Concept

Convince yourself and your Team within a free PoC.
xGile is installed on the development system via transports and is ready to use within in a few minutes. Based on your examples our Test Experts will introduce you into the work process and the basics of a good test design. There are no obligations or any charge. We are happy to show you the benefits.

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