Finally, The Complete Accuracy Of Your BI Reports.

You use SAP BI based reports every day, but every period you experience new and recurring calculation errors. Despite your high level of manual test support, to many inconsistencies occur and your valuable time should actually be used for your core business . With our automatic test solution, you can now define your requirements for each KPI once and an automated system checks them on your behalf on every change request. You will receive a complete and automatic validation of your SAP BW / HANA based reports.

Something has to change.

You want to get away from the periodic spot checking of your reports and the parallel testing in Excel, towards a complete and automatic validation of your reports by the IT , but you don't know how.

You expect to receive every period reports of high quality and don't want to be bothered by time-consuming manual reviews. You want to define requirements once and an automatism should ensure this for you.

You know that if you do nothing now , the development will continue to deliver reports like a lame duck in poor because untested quality and you will continue to trouble around with the IT. Everything works like the motto: "They won't notice it".

We want to support you.

In the past not possible, there are now automatic mechanisms for the IT to prove the functional correctness of the reports fully automatically .

Nowadays a test portal exists where you can define your requirements for each KPI once and an automated system checks them on your behalf for every change request.

Your manual test participation goes against 0 and once found errors do no longer occur. You now have time for important things.

It does'nt only sounds great, it is also easy to implement now.

Exoriens xGile Test Case

Your chance for
less work. more quality. more speed.

With xGile you define your functional requirements at the beginning of a change request in the portal, which is then checked automatically for you. The development team implements the requirements as long as the automatic tests did'nt have successfully validated them . Only then the change get's released. You will not be bothered by the IT for testing anymore. You can even automatically check the performance and speed of queries as a requirements test.

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