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Enable your organization for Scrum and DevOps and deliver BI reports to the business user faster and in constant quality. Get all advantages of the Shifting-Left.

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You got no choice.

You want to deliver more functionalities and changes to the business user. Therefore and you need an efficient test automation to be able to work agile in Scrum or DevOps . Your wish is to benefit more from the Shift-Left approach.


You fail over and over due to a lack of tool support for BEx queries and BW transformations testing or just insufficient skill sets in the development team to use any of the existing unit test libraries or the code is not written in a testable form, something that should have been considered from the start and is now not achievable anymore. Even if you would use some sort of unit testing, it would only be feasible for a small subset of BW objects and the business would continue do shadow testing because it can neither see, evaluate nor trust the test results. If you cant leverage the benefits of unit testing – you will never shift left.


You know that, if you do nothing , development will continue to deliver like a lame duck in poor, untested quality, and in the long term you will end up in the test debacle (only testing and no more new developments - as long as you care for it). Working agile requires a strong foundation of unit tests and therefore you will never be able to use Scrum or DevOps.


The mission.

A comprehensive & sustainable test automation for SAP BW & HANA.

The Mission

7 things you will need.

  • Code-Less > Everyone can test > Organisational roll-out possible
  • NO “Test Data Management” required
  • Independent from systems state or data > Stable tests
  • Regression tests by Default
  • Lightning fast (the fastest test approach)
  • 100% test coverage for functional tests within the LSA++ architecture
  • Everyone can test in parallel to others > Efficient and often done

Optimal Test approach within the LSA ++.

Every function or requirement in every object within the LSA ++ should be tested separately and isolated . In this way, you align your test effort according to the architecture of the Test Pyramid and use the Shift-Left approach, the prerequisite for achieving an agile organization in the SAP BI environment. You want to achieve this solely with E2E GUI tests? Read here why you will end up in a test debacle and won't get anywhere.

You deserve the best solution.

We are the leading experts for test automation of SAP BW / HANA report calculations and have put our many years of experience into the world's first and only solution for comprehensive test coverage with unit tests in SAP BW and HANA.

Fully automatic & fast

xGile tests are fully automatic regression tests at unit / component level. They can be executed in parallel as often as you like. All tests take place on the development system. They are the fastest and most efficient tests for your SAP BW & HANA report calculations.

100% validation of reports

Thanks to the unit / component tests, a 100% validation of all functional requirements can be obtained. With xGile, all SAP BW & HANA calculation objects (BEx queries, transformations, calculation views, procedures, table functions, ...) can be tested. The tests are carried out before and during the development.

Easiest Usage

Everyone can test, without any technical knowledge and without programming, using a uniform UI. Test cases are created in seconds and the fully automatic execution of all tests is just a push of a button away. All test cases are already created in the development system during the development of the report calculations.

xGile demo.

This example shows you how easy it is to create automatic regression tests for every requirement.

A perfect work process for more speed. more agility. more quality.

With xGile, all functional requirements become automatic tests. It is the department that defines the requirements and must therefore also accept them. Via the Test Portal of xGile, IT and department can define and test requirements seamlessly together. Thus, the department actively participates in quality assurance during the requirements. Acceptances are not only automated, but confidence in the quality of developments is strengthened on both sides . All of this is already happening on the development system. A unique speed and quality advantage that is only achievable with unit / component tests.

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Work process with xGile

The 3 steps road map for your transformation.

Road map Introducing Automated Testing with xGile

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