SAP ABAP Test Automation Workshops & Coaching

Do you program a lot in SAP ABAP and want to ensure correctness using automatic unit tests? Are you looking for experienced coaches who teach the basics of test automation using practical examples in workshops, ideally using your code? Then you've come to the right place.

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What makes uns special.


Our SAP coaches have many years of SAP development experience and were already active as SAP TechEd speakers and consultants for agile software development within SAP SE. We therefore know how to establish test automation in teams.


Before we start programming, we will dive into the basics and teach all the knowledge required for a successful and sustainable implementation. This includes topics such as the right test strategy, test design, injection patterns and the creation of testable ABAP code before we get to the supreme discipline, the test automation of your productive code.

Agile Development

For countless years we have been working agile in Scrum as team members or Scrum Masters and therefore we know how the integration of test automation in your project can succeed, but also how to prevent fails.

Workshop offerings

TAA 1: Introduction to test automation using a practical example

  • Testability – what makes testing hard
  • Isolation / Decoupling / Dependency Injection ways of doing it (f.e. Constructor, Setter, Factory pattern, ...)
  • Test Coverage / Test Design (working with the business user)
  • Safe refactoring / Test Driven Development
  • How to tackle legacy code (code without tests)
Scope: 3 days, max. 15 participants

TAA 2: Test automation applied on your productive code

  • Within groups of 3 you will apply automated unit testing based on your code using the test automation patterns learned in TAA 1
  • We will guide and support you especially in cases that are not easy to isolate or where you potentially would introduce new bugs
Scope: 3-5 days, max. 15 participants

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We look forward to accompanying you on your way to becoming a test-automated company. Please write to us for a non-binding consultation appointment.

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