Save up to 25% of your development expenses.

Reduce your development costs for SAP BI (BW & HANA) reports sustainably and deliver faster Change Requests to your business users in guaranteed quality by automating manual test tasks efficiently with xGile. Start today, because every day will bring you closer to full test automation and saves you money.

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You can do better.

You want to reduce your SAP BI development costs and deliver new requirements to the department more often in consistently high quality. Your task is to provide the best services for your company and to avoid BI calculation errors that affect your business. The solution can't mean investing more and more money in men power.

Your first experiences with automatic E2E GUI test tools raised questions and predicted no cost advantage. The problems of test data provisioning and test data management, long running test cycles and insufficient test coverage could not be answered. You simply lack a sustainable test solution for your SAP BI system.

You know that if you do nothing , your IT will continue to deliver reports to the business like a lame duck in poor because untested quality, thereby harming the company and your reputation.


The mission.

A comprehensive & sustainable test automation for SAP BW & HANA.

The Mission

7 things you will need.

  • Code-Less > Everyone can test > Organisational roll-out possible
  • NO “Test Data Management” required
  • Independent from systems state or data > Stable tests
  • Regression tests by Default
  • Lightning fast (the fastest test approach)
  • 100% test coverage for functional tests within the LSA++ architecture
  • Everyone can test in parallel to others > Efficient and often done

You deserve the best solution.

We are the leading experts for test automation of SAP BW / HANA report calculations and have put our many years of experience into the world's first and only solution for comprehensive test coverage with unit tests in SAP BW and HANA.

Fully automatic & fast

xGile tests are fully automatic regression tests at unit / component level. They can be executed in parallel as often as you like. All tests take place on the development system. They are the fastest and most efficient tests for your SAP BW & HANA report calculations.

100% validation of reports

Thanks to the unit / component tests, a 100% validation of all functional requirements can be obtained. With xGile, all SAP BW & HANA calculation objects (BEx queries, transformations, calculation views, procedures, table functions, ...) can be tested. The tests are carried out before and during the development.

Easiest Usage

Everyone can test, without any technical knowledge and without programming, using a uniform UI. Test cases are created in seconds and the fully automatic execution of all tests is just a push of a button away. All test cases are already created in the development system during the development of the report calculations.

The financial value of automating manual test tasks.

Lets take a real field example, the calculation of Days Sales Outstanding. The application was written in SAP HANA SQL Script and testing the functionality resulted in 22 automated xGile tests.

Value of automating manual test tasks
Having 70 % automated, how many Man Days did that save?

To answer this, we calculate the automation factor which is 70% devided by 30 % = a factor of 2,3. Then this factor is multiplied with the 9 man days spend for the manual work. We also have to substract the 1,5 man days invested for creating the automated tests with xGile and we will get:

= 2,3 * 9 MD - 1,5MD = 19,2 MD saved !

This means, when ever the 22 xGile test are executed, it will save you 19,2 MDs! Assuming a MD of 700 $ that would result in savings of 700 $ * 19,2 =

13.444,0 $ for every test run of a typical application

How much could the savings be within the next 5 years and for all applications?

Assuming an one change request for an application per year, which is common, this will result in a minimum of 2 test executions, one before the change (proving all existing requirements were correct before the change) and one after the change (proving the all requirements are ok after the change).

= 2 (test executions) * 13.444,0 $ (savings for every test run) * 5 (years) = 134.440,0 $ after 5 years

Bigger applications like "cumulative depreciation" in HANA usually have more then 140 automated test cases. Taking the DSO example and 22 test cases as an average and a number of about 15 applications implemented within your BW / HANA system, this would result in:

= 134.440,0 $ * 15 (applications)

= potential savings of 2.016.660,0 $ after 5 years if your applications are test automated with xGile

Predict your savings based on team size.

Our customers did calculate that xGile can reduce the workload of every BI team member (don't forget the business user) by up to a quarter. Using this heuristic, the added value for your company can be estimated.

The 3 Steps road map
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Roadmap of automatic testing

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