Believe in simpler solutions
Two apps that make your daily business more valueable.

Limit manual testing and stay agile.
Increase quality and consistency. Get the perfect development documentation. Become audit save.

Create isolated tests with stable and predictable results
Run the tests as often as you want
Define small and stable test data
Connect your test cases to your requirements or task tools (JIRA, HP-ALM..)
Create faster test cases by recording
xGile requires no additional system, deployment comes easy with ABAP transports
xGile supports the following SAP development objects:
  • BW Queries
  • BW Transformations
  • HANA SQL Script
  • ABAP Objects
  • ... your extensions
Speed up your SAP projects and become agile again. For a deep dive into the benefits of xGile request the solution brochure and reach out to us to give you a demo. If you want to get more background information about automated testing in an agile environment, feel free to read this article.

Automated testing in practice

The established software vendors do it, sophisticated programmers do it, even traditional industries do it - but so many are not yet automatically testing their software enhancements or customizing in bigger IT projects. There is no need to wait and to lose valuable time. Get to know what automatic testing means and how your company can adopt to it. Read More

Get your Key Performance Indicators audit save.

x42 is the central KPI and report catalog within your SAP landscape. Your business is capable to prove in an audit which KPI calculation and report has been active at a certain key date.
  • Globally unique definition of a KPI representation, calculation, data and characteristics requirement
  • Customizable workflow for changes
  • Definitions structured to support the implementation by the IT departement
  • Seamless rollout through portal integration
  • High availability and data loss protection through the underlying SAP ABAP system
  • Minimal implementation foot print with ABAP transports
  • No additional user setup required using BW logins
Using x42 as your central point of KPI definition you extend your investments by supporting the interaction between business and IT as well as delivering a new class of services to all users when offering these information within your company portal. We are pleased to give you a live demo on your request!

Why In-Memory impacts the future of your SAP Applications

We have set up the first In-Memory SAP HANA pilots and experienced a fascinating new world of possibilities for companies. It is important to understand the impact of this technology despite the drape of buzzwords. There is a technological change happening which will stronger affect the IT landscapes and the way software is build as most decision maker guess. Read More

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