The only solution that supports functional component and integration testing.

Reduce your risks and accelerate your SAP business intelligence developments using a comprehensive test automation suite on all test levels that requires no coding. Your next successful change is just one test case away.

Automated testing without coding

Create automated tests within seconds via an intuitive UI. No Scripts.

Test every object

Test SAP BW Transformations, BEx Queries and HANA Objects seperated in a virtial mode.

Integration testing E2E

Validate the runtimes and results of process chains, DTPs & queries automatically.

Integrated test results

History of test runs and results linked and integrated into requirements systems.


The small but crucial difference

Maybe you already noticed that some automation solutions do not succeed, which is basically the reason because you can't leverage all test types as recommended by ISTQB, mentioned as the strategy of "the test pyramid". High efforts in test data management and much to long runtimes are just some of these symptoms.

With xGile you can run ALL required test types.

We enable you to run all necessary types of tests, because that's the only way forward to succeed in a sustainable test strategy and to run in an agile driven development mode. There is no need of writing any line of code or script for it.

Supporting the ISTQB standard.

Test Types
Test Levels / Test Types Black-Box Functional Black-Box Non-Functional Confirmation & Regression
Test Levels
User acceptance testing
System integration testing
Component integration testing
Component testing

Your benefits.

  • Faster shipment of requirements
  • Less defects and risk on go-lives
  • Reduced development costs
  • The possibility to work in an agile mode
  • Less stress through higher quality

Deliver like professionals.

Conventional vs. xGile based development
at the example of a BW transformation


With xGile

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User feedback.

“Finally, this is the first time that the numbers are identical to SAP FI!”

Annika T.
Senior BI Expert

“Communication with the department has improved considerably thanks to the xGile tests. One speaks a uniform language and the business trusts the tests and final quality. Shadow testing at the department has now stopped.”

Markus L.
Team Lead BI

“What impressed me most was that once found mistakes can no longer occur.”

Susan P.
Business / PO

Agile projects rely on test automation.

Working in an agile development mode requires to test more often. Thus, a comprehensive test automation of all developments is a fundamental corner stone of agile projects. Without test automation you will never become agile.

That's why we developed xGile - to stay agile with all SAP BW & HANA developments.

You are not agile without test automation

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